Nebraska Passport Presentation

Please enjoy the slideshow below, all about the Nebraska Passport.  The slides will advance (slowly) automatically, or you can use the arrow buttons at the bottom of the player window to move at your own pace.

Viewing Directions:

Note:  This is a large file, so it is best viewed with high-speed internet, and will likely take a while to show up on your device if your internet is slower (so please be patient 🙂.  Contact me if you are having trouble or would like me to send you a copy. — Patricia
  • Desktop:  Scroll down to view the presentation below.  Click the “four corners” full-screen icon at the bottom of the player window to view full-screen (recommended).
  • Mobile (high bandwidth):  Scroll down to the slideshow below, or click HERE to view in full-screen on the phone/tablet.
  • Low Bandwidth (mobile or desktop):  Click HERE to view or download a PDF version.

For more information, visit  

What do you think?  Have you tried the Nebraska Passport program?  What sites are you most excited to visit?  (Leave a comment below.)

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